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Overall General tires can be considered fairly durable and long lasting. General tires contain many performance features which have a positive effect on the overall handling. Their SmartGrip technology increases the precision and responsiveness of the steering.

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  • Are General Tire grabber tires good?

  • General Tire is one spectacular brand known for its production of high quality and highly efficient tires for all kinds of cars. Their Grabber is an off/on-road product produced to perform with great balance and more reliability than many competing models on the market.

  • Are general tires a good brand?

  • General Tire Review. Founded in 1915 alongside four other major tire manufacturers in Akron, Ohio, General Tire was purchased by the German tire brand, Continental in the late 1980’s. Our Verdict. General Tire is an affordable tire brand with average tread-life warranties and limited performance options per size, but the road test period is good.

  • Are discount tires as good as regular tires?

  • The tires were also quiet on the road when driven over most surfaces. This test showed that discount tires perform just as well as the more expensive brands, and that General Tires are the best option when it comes to replacing ones tires. Don’t See Your Vehicle?

  • What are the advantages of the general’s techtires?

  • Tires from the General company offer the highest level of control for all car users, via their complete design. Using these tires on your vehicle help improve the handling capabilities of your car, which makes steering and maneuvering simple and more enjoyable.

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