are tires covered under warranty


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Most vehicle warrantiesdo not cover the tires, but in some cases, they are covered depending on the brand you buy it from. It is the tire manufacturer that usually provides warranties for their products, and if you treat tires too roughly, you may void that warranty.

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  • What does a tire warranty cover?

  • Tire warranties cover free repair if the tires develop faults within the duration of the warranty. They also cover the replacement of tires in case their original tires have manufacturing defects. To enjoy this warranty, you must present proof that you have maintained your tires regularly.

  • Does BMW offer a warranty on new tires?

  • No, BMW does not offer a warranty on the original tires on their new vehicle. Only the tire maker provides a warranty on the tires. However, when you purchase replacement tires from the BMW Tire Center, you get to enjoy a free 1-year Road Hazard Tire coverage.

  • How long do tires last on a new car?

  • For instance, Ford offers a limited warranty of 36,000 miles on the tires of new cars. However, in most cases, the tire manufacturer provides the warranty on their tires. According to, tire warranty often lasts for about 4-6 years.

  • Are tires covered under Hyundai and Kia warranty?

  • If a tire needs replacement, Hyundai will only change the faulty tire. Replacing one tire means you have to replace all the tires. So, you鈥檒l need to cover the cost of the 3 remaining tires out of pocket. 3. Are Tires Covered Under Kia Warranty? No, they aren鈥檛. Just like Hyundai, Kia also offers a tire protection plan to its users.

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