can allergies make you tired


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Yes, allergies can make you tired. This is called allergy fatigue. All the allergy symptoms can make you very tired and less focused.

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  • Do allergies make you tired at night?

  • Common allergy symptoms like coughing, sneezing, and congestion can make it hard to get a good night鈥檚 rest, making it hard to stay focused the next day. Treating seasonal allergy tiredness isn鈥檛 always simple, either.

  • Can seasonal allergies cause allergy fatigue?

  • Seasonal allergies can do more than just cause a runny nose or cough鈥攚hen left untreated, they can lead to drowsiness and poor concentration, too. Allergy fatigue is the result of your body working hard to fight off a foreign invader.

  • Can allergy medications make you tired?

  • Your best bet if you want to avoid feeling tired is to take an antihistamine. These medications reduce swelling to temporarily reduce your allergy symptoms. The only way to fully reduce your allergy symptoms is to cut out your exposure to allergens. Be aware that many antihistamines cause fatigue.

  • Can allergies make you feel exhausted?

  • This can cause your system to feel overworked and weakened, which can leave your body exhausted. These same chemicals, called histamines, cause the inflammation and irritation that bring on annoying allergy symptoms.

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