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In fact, the brain keeps producing it. So when caffeine finally goes on its way, that build-up of adenosine attaches to the A1 receptors andcan make you feel even more tired than you normally would. It鈥檚 similar to experiencing a sugar rush; the rush is almost always followed by a crash.

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  • Why do I get tired when I drink too much caffeine?

  • That might explain why you鈥檙e getting tired; it鈥檚 a lot of caffeine. Says Rissetto: 鈥淚f you’re drinking caffeine in excess of three cups or more a day, it can make you go to the bathroom more, causing dehydration which can make you feel dizzy and sleepy.鈥?/div>Caffeine Makes Me Tired, So I Asked a Sleep Expert to …

  • What are the effects of caffeine on sleep?

  • If drinking a cup of coffee makes a person feel tired, the effects of caffeine may be responsible. Caffeine increases alertness by interfering with certain chemical processes in the brain that regulate the sleep-wake cycle.

  • Is your coffee making you Sleepy?

  • Coffee can affect your body in various ways, and how it affects you is different for everyone. We鈥檝e compiled a list of six reasons why coffee might leave you feeling sleepy. On Better Sleep? See our latest sales!

  • Why does coffee make you hungry after it drinks?

  • So, when the coffee wears off, you鈥檙e experiencing less stimulation from the caffeine and the signs of these two reactions combined to make the effect more intense. Some people experience extreme hunger after drinking something caffeinated because their bodies have tapped their sources of readily available glucose.

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