can you drive on a flat tire


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Driving on a flat tire isdangerous and should not be done. Once you notice a flat, slow down to 20 mph and find a safe stopping point as soon as possible. If you have experience you can change the flat tire and replace it with the spare tire, or call a tow truck and have a mechanic change the tire for you.

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  • How far can you drive with a flat tire?

  • The answer is not to drive so far. Trying to drive more than 100 km or more when driving with a flat tire is one of the most dangerous things drive must avoid! Even though you might need to go further than that distance to reach the garage, it is suggested to go slow and pull in as soon as possible.

  • What happens if you drive on Underinflated tires?

  • Furthermore, driving on underinflated tires can cause damage and increased wear on the tire that can cause a flat earlier than if you were to drive on tires that are properly inflated. Things to note when driving on a flat tire:

  • What should I do if my car gets a flat tire?

  • If a flat does occur, it best not to panic and DO NOT drive on it. Safely maneuver to the side of the road and either installed the spare tire (if one is supplied) or get a tow to a local tire shop. Although this means a minor inconvenience and/or cost in the short term, it鈥檚 worth it in the long run.

  • What is a run-flat tire?

  • The inside of Run-flat tire is like a pillow for the wheel, which helps reduce impact when finding the suitable place for changing. These tires allow car owners to drive up to 160 km/h with normal speed until it is flat completely.

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