does crying make you tired


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Your level of fatigue likely depends on how strenuously you cried,explains Bylsma. More vigorous crying could lead to hyperventilation,which could reduce the amount of oxygen to your brain. This would also lead you to feel more drowsy,she says.

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  • Why do we feel tired when we cry?

  • You may not notice in the moment, but generally your heart rate increases and your breathing slows when crying, he explains. Plus, crying releases stress-related hormones, since the act helps our bodies release emotional trauma, he says. That could be calming, which in turn leads to a feeling of tiredness, he says.

  • Is crying good for You?

  • It鈥檚 actually kind of a lot good for you. Some scientists assert that chemicals build up in the body during times of elevated stress. When we emotionally cry, our body rids itself of these toxins…

  • What happens to your body after you cry?

  • 8 Fascinating Things That Happen To Your Body After You Cry 1. Your Eyes Get Salty 2. Your Body Is Cleansed of Toxins 3. Blood Rushes 4. Stress Is Released 5. Or Held Onto 6. Your Tears Get Rerouted To Your Nose 7. Your Body Tenses Up 8. You Feel Cold

  • Why do people with depression and anxiety feel sad when they cry?

  • The cathartic feeling associated with a good cry doesn’t come in the same big wave for people with these kinds of emotional disorders, and unfortunately, there’s no known reason to explain why depression and anxiety stamp out the positive post-cry feels, according to Web MD.

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