does lexapro make you tired


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Feeling tired: Feeling tired after taking the effexor may or may not resolve.Somnolenceoccurs with lexapro 10% or more. Somnolence can occur with effexor up to 2…

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  • Does Lexapro Make you Sleepy?

  • As the Mayo Clinic points out, trouble sleeping is one of the more common side effects of Lexapro as your body learns to adjust to the medication. Happily, it’s only short-term, they note.

  • What are the reviews of Lexapro escitalopram for depression?

  • User Reviews for Escitalopram to treat Depression Also known as: Lexapro Escitalopram has an average rating of 7.1 out of 10 from a total of 767 ratings for the treatment of Depression. 61% of users who reviewed this medication reported a positive effect, while 19% reported a negative effect.

  • Can Lexapro cause weight gain or weight loss?

  • 鈥淢any SSRI鈥檚, including Lexapro, can cause a temporary decrease in appetite that lasts only for a short time,鈥?says Anderson. Because weight fluctuations are a possibility, this is the time to take stock of your eating and exercise habits. 鈥淚f you notice an increase in weight, address it early,鈥?she advises.

  • Does Lexapro make you feel like you ate a bunch of sand?

  • But feeling like you ate a bunch of sand can really be a drag. Nearly 10 percent of patients who taking Lexapro for major depressive disorder experience dry mouth, the FDA reports. The likelihood of this (and other side effects) rises as you increase the dose.

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