how do tire pressure sensors work


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The tire pressure sensor is located inside a pressurized pocket formed by the wheel and tire that measure the air pressure inside the tire. This small electronic device transmits information via a radio other car鈥檚 onboard computer and a corresponding display in the dashboard instrument panel.

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  • How does the tire pressure monitor system work?

  • How the System Works There are two different ways for a modern car to detect if a tire is low on air. The direct method involves a small battery powered pressure sensor inside the wheel, which sends out periodic radio signals when the car is moving, informing the car’s computer of the air pressure.

  • What are the different types of tire pressure sensors (TPMS)?

  • The two main types of TPMS are direct and indirect. Direct TPMSs are the most common as they鈥檙e more reliable. This system uses pressure sensors that are located within the tyre to track the pressure. The sensor is fitted inside the tyre to the back of the valve, which is where you apply new air when the tyre needs pumping up.

  • Where is the tire pressure sensor located on a car?

  • Where is the tire pressure sensor located? In most cases, when discussing these sensors, it should be noted that their place is inside the car tire. These can usually be seen when you see the wheel air valve. To know whether or not the car has such a sensor, it is necessary to see if there is an installed nut around the valve.

  • How does a low tire pressure system work?

  • Radio receivers near each wheel pick up the signal and tells it when a tire is low, and which tire it is. Some systems will even tell you the exact tire pressure of each tire right on the dashboard. The cheaper indirect systems can’t do this.

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