how much are new tires


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$50 to $750

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  • How much does tire cost?

  • How much is the cost of a new tire. A tire will have different ranges depending on the quality and the car for which you are having it. The general estimation of the cost of the tires is from $50 to $750. Make sure that you have the best quality tires because only then, your vehicle鈥檚 performance will be improved.

  • How much do Goodyear tires cost?

  • All time Goodyear provides drivers with good quality tires at the starting price of $76 and going up to $423. The tire price reaches $100 for a small, typical car, while it鈥檒l cost $175 for cars like SUVs and $200 for bigger ones like those pickup trucks. In average, they cost $70 to $150.

  • Is it better to replace tires less often?

  • Replacing tires less frequently will also save you money on installation costs. (Our tests show the Michelin Defender also provides better handling and winter-driving performance.) By looking at the complete cost and performance picture, you might find that you can get a better tire without higher long-term costs.

  • Are higher-performance tires worth the cost?

  • The general rule is: Higher-performance tires cost more and wear faster, leading to a higher cost per mile, as shown below. Replacing tires is expensive, but when faced with a large bill for tire replacement, installation, and possible service to the tire-pressure monitor, resist the temptation to downgrade your tires.

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