how much do snow tires cost


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On a typical car studless snow tires average about $100-$150 per tire or $250-$600for a set of four; and on a SUV or light truck it’s typically about $200-$400 each or $600-$1,200 for a set of four.

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  • How much do winter tires cost?

  • For a studless car the average price for a winter tire is about $100 to $150 and for a set a four the price is somewhere between $250 and $600; for a light truck or an SUV expect to pay about $200 to $400 per winter tire or $600 to $1,200 for a set of four.

  • Do winter tyres make a difference in snow?

  • On snow, the gap widens considerably, as the sipes on winter tyres offer grip even when the tread is packed with soft snow. In such conditions, a two-wheel-drive car with winter tyres is invariably safer than 4×4 on summer tyres. READ MORE: What do your tyre labels mean? How much do winter tyres cost? Can I save money?

  • How much are winter tires for a Honda Civic?

  • Winter tires cost $80 to $200 per tire. Prices listed in the table below apply to the 205/55R16 size, which is suitable for compact cars like the Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla. Prices are based on, KalTire, 1010Tires and Canadian Tire and do not include the cost of installation and balancing.

  • How much do studded tires cost?

  • The studded tires are for prolonged use in cold weather and heavy snow, have built-in some sort of metal teeth to bite into ice and cost somewhere between $75 and $550 and more each winter tire.

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