how much do tires cost at walmart


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$12 per tire

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  • How much does it cost to install tires at Walmart?

  • Walmart’s tire installation costs about $12 per tire. When thinking of tire installation, one should keep in mind the different other services needed along with tire installation. Therefore, the price can jump high if not keeping all things clear.

  • Do I have to purchase tires at Walmart to have them balanced?

  • You do not have to purchase your tires at Walmart to have these services performed. The store auto center also provides no additional cost tire rotation with each of these balancing or mounting/balancing services.

  • Does Walmart Price match Costco tires?

  • As you can see, Walmart offers the lowest average per-tire price compared to Sam鈥檚 Club, Discount Tire Direct, BJ鈥檚 Tire Center and Costco. In addition to great prices, Walmart says it offers price matching if you find a better deal on an identical item from a qualifying retailer.

  • What brands of tires does Walmart sell?

  • When I checked out the selection online at Walmart, I found tires from Goodyear, Cooper, Douglass, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin and more. Before you order your next set of tires, consider these five things about Walmart鈥檚 tire center: How It Works. Pricing. Installation.

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