how much does a tire rotation cost


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less than $ 50

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  • How much does it cost to rotate a tire at Walmart?

  • When it comes to tire rotation Walmart sets a price of $2.50 per tire. Also, the installation fee is $12 per tire. This installation includes valve stems, mounting, balancing, and lifetime rotation after 7500 miles. So, sometimes Walmart鈥檚 tire rotation is free of charge. What Are The Cheapest Tire Services: Sears, Costco, Sam鈥檚, Or Walmart?

  • How much does a tire rotation cost at Midas?

  • For tire rotation, you should expect to pay approximately from $74 to $90 at most local mechanics. In specific, chain Midas stores will offer various prices for the lower end of the spectrum, ranging between around $60 and $120. Meanwhile, we also referred to the tire rotation cost of other chain shops, such as Mr. Tire and Pep Boys.

  • Does Costco rotate tires for free?

  • In any case, the service is usually of intermediate quality so the balance between cost and quality is balanced. People who can purchase tires at Costco can rotate tires at no additional cost over the life of the tire. That鈥檚 why most auto parts stores include this additional service. Sam鈥檚 Club Tire Service

  • What is a tire rotation?

  • Tire rotation is all about switching tire locations over 4 places in the car. For instance, you might have your offside tire removed and reinstalled on the nearside. Normally, when you purchase new tires, the auto mechanic would help you place them free of charge. A regular tire rotation is beneficial to your car.

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