how much is a tire alignment


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It usually takes a mechanic about an hour to perform a proper alignment,assuming that no major problems are encountered during the job. You can expect to pay somewhere between $75 to $150for a tire alignment at your local ASE-certified automotive repair shop.

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  • How much does a wheel alignment cost for a car?

  • The average wheel alignment cost is between $50 and $200. The average price for a 2WD wheel alignment on one axle is $80, and the average price for a 4WD wheel alignment on two axles is $130. On some 2WD car models, you can also align all four wheels, which is recommended.

  • Is wheel alignment the same as wheel balancing?

  • Wheel alignment is not the same as wheel balancing. A wheel alignment adjusts the suspension of your car to ensure that the tires have the maximum amount of surface contact to the road.

  • What is a tire alignment and why is it important?

  • Tire alignment is an important maintenance work that should be done at least annually. Alignment pertains to the adjustment of a vehicle鈥檚 suspension. It is not just about adjusting the tires or the wheels, but also adjusting the angles of the tires, as these can affect how the wheels make contact with the road surface.

  • How long does a wheel alignment take?

  • Considering the extra time, the expense would also shoot up. Older vehicles with loads of grease and rust are the usual candidates for longer wheel alignment jobs. For most cars, it鈥檚 usually less than a one-hour process. Of course, any necessary repairs at the time of wheel alignment would cost extra money.

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