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  • How much does a 4-tire rotation cost?

  • In fact, you might even get the service for FREE if you buy new tires from the right service provider, otherwise, you should expect to pay anything from $20 to $50. Sometimes you can find a coupon which affords you 4-tire rotation and some other vehicle inspection checks for only $9.99

  • How much does a tire rotation cost at Midas?

  • For tire rotation, you should expect to pay approximately from $74 to $90 at most local mechanics. In specific, chain Midas stores will offer various prices for the lower end of the spectrum, ranging between around $60 and $120. Meanwhile, we also referred to the tire rotation cost of other chain shops, such as Mr. Tire and Pep Boys.

  • How much does it cost to balance your tires?

  • On average, the tire balancing cost is about $40. It鈥檚 another small price to pay for keeping your car鈥檚 tires in great condition. You should think about having tire balancing done when you鈥檙e rotating your tires and add the cost of it to your tire rotation cost.

  • How much does a tire rotation cost at Pep Boys?

  • Compared to Midas, Mr. Tire shops only charge you a pretty low cost to rotate your tires, ranging from just $30 to nearly $70 for the whole service. Although Pep Boys charges customers a little higher than the average cost for tire rotation, at around $100, it offers a great deal of $15 at the low end.

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