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DIY flat tire repair cost is around$5 to $20for basic instruments and attachments. This basic instruments are used to fill the hole of the tire. For a bigger unit with a pump, compressor, sealant or compressor to re-swell the tire, the average price to fix a flat tire in line with the mentioned materials is about $20 to $50.

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  • How to find the average price to fix a flat tire?

  • One place that you can check the average price to fix a flat tire is your nearby car repair shop. Most places that repair vehicles will likewise offer tires and you may locate the set that you require at a bargain. Regularly, a repair shop will run an advancement on a specific brand of tires or a specific size.

  • How much does it cost to repair a punctured tire?

  • A do-it-yourself tire repair kit can cost $5-$20 for simple tools and plugs (to fill the puncture), or $20-$50 for a larger kit with a sealant and a pump or compressor to re-inflate the tire.

  • How much does it cost to replace a car tire?

  • Median Tire Prices The lowest tire price involves the sedan or hatchback, with the median tire price for a sedan being $137. The next model which has the same price for the tire repair is the minivan model of car. The next in terms of cheapest is the SUV, with a repair price of $162.

  • How much does a tire patch cost?

  • Cost Of Tire Patches? Most companies and auto stores charge approximately $25 for a tire patch and rebalance. If you are fortunate enough to catch a puncture early, the repair shop should only charge you between $15-$30. Some chains of stores can charge only $20 or less, and some even have a tire patch cost of nothing.

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