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To begin the process of changing the flat tire,locate your spare tire and jack in the trunk of your vehicle. Most models store these two items in a compartment underneath the floor of the trunk. Carefully lift the spare tire and place it on the ground in close proximity to the flat tire. Car jacks usually have a built in lug wrench.

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  • What should you do if you have a flat tire?

  • Make sure your emergency flashers are on so that other drivers know to take caution when driving past you as you change your flat tire. Take the foot off of the accelerator and apply your parking brake. This step will keep your car from rolling while you are busy changing out your tire. Be sure to disengage this once you’ve completed all steps.

  • How to change a car tire step by step?

  • How to Change a Car Tire Step by Step. If you鈥檙e driving when you get a flat tire, slowly decrease your vehicle鈥檚 speed, turn your car鈥檚 hazard lights on, and look for a safe place to stop. If possible, pull into a parking lot with open space or find another low-traffic area.

  • How long does it take to change a flat tire?

  • In general, a flat tire can take anywhere from five minutes to two hours to replace. When is the best time to change a flat tire? The ideal time to change a flat tire is early in the morning or late at night, when there is little traffic. It is also best if you have a helper to assist you.

  • How do you jack up a car with a flat tire?

  • Pump the jack slowly until the flat tire is off the ground. Make sure none of your or anyone else鈥檚 body parts go under the car while you鈥檙e raising it or once it鈥檚 raised. If your car moves while it鈥檚 on the jack, don鈥檛 try to stop it. Move away from your car and wait for it to fall, then try again.

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