how to check air pressure in tires


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Once you have a tire gauge in hand, Edmunds says this is how to check your tire pressure:Remove the cap from the air valve on the tire, and put it somewhere you won鈥檛 lose it. Press the tire gauge against the open valve stem for a second or two. It鈥檚 normal to hear a hiss of air.

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  • How do you check tire pressure with a tire pressure gauge?

  • Press the tire gauge firmly down on top of the valve stem. Some air may escape when you begin applying pressure. However, the air should stop leaking out once the pressure is increased and the gauge is evenly on the valve. Read the gauge to gain information about the PSI or KPA in your tires.

  • Can a mechanic check the air pressure in the tires?

  • Yes, a mechanic can do it for you if he has a tire gauge. It’s better to go to tire shop, however; they will have the proper tools not only to check the air pressure, but to also fill the tires up, if necessary.

  • What to do if your tire pressure reading is wrong?

  • Replace valve stem cap. The cap does not hold air in, but it keeps dirt and moisture away from the valve mechanism in the valve stem, which does hold air in. Note that if the reading is the same as the manuals’ specifications, you are done after checking all other tires for the same pressure.

  • How do I know how much air should be in tires?

  • Determine how much air should be in your tires. This will be printed on a sticker on the inside of the driver’s side door or in the owner’s manual. If you can’t find the sticker, it may also be located inside the glove box door or fuel door.

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