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A tire becomes legally worn out when its tread depth reaches two thirty-second (2/32) of an inch, according to most jurisdictions throughout North America. To lower your risk for vehicular accidents associated with low tire tread, check your tire tread using the penny test, the quarter test, by examining the treadwear indicator bars molded …

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  • How do you check tire tread depth?

  • A simple way to check your tire tread depth is by using a tread depth gauge. You can find tire tread depth gauges at your local auto parts store. There are many models available, but an inexpensive simple graduated probe gauge will work just fine.

  • How do I know if my tires need replacing?

  • Heavily worn tread will prevent a tire from performing as designed and can lead to unsafe driving conditions. One of the simplest, most common ways to check tread depth requires nothing more than a penny and a few moments of your time. In the United States, tire tread depth is measured in 32nds of an inch.

  • How do you perform the Penny tire test?

  • When performing the penny tire test, remember not only to check each tire, but to check various places around each tire. Pay special attention to areas that look the most worn. Even if parts of your tread are deeper than 2/32鈥? you should still replace the tire when any areas fail the penny test.

  • Do You Know Your legal tyre tread depth?

  • Checking your legal tyre tread depth is one of the most important checks you can make on your car. Having worn tyres means the only contact patch between you and the road is past its best. You could almost call it an accident waiting to happen.

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