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To not be tired,listen to some music,suck on a mint,or sniff peppermint essential oilto stimulate your senses,which helps to keep your mind active. If you need more physical stimulation to keep yourself awake,you can lightly pull down on your earlobes,roll your shoulders,or crack your knuckles.

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  • How do I stop being so tired all the time?

  • 8 Ways to Stop Feeling So Exhausted All the Time 1 Write everything down. 2 Check in with your body. 3 Breathe correctly. 4 Sleep alone. 5 Never sit for longer than an hour. 6 Take naps as needed. 7 Eat real food. 8 Know your hormones.

  • Why do I feel tired at the end of the day?

  • It is the stress of the whole day that is going to make you feel tired. You should take some time out of your busy schedules and plan your day. You can enrol yourself in a yoga or meditation class to make sure that you are not feeling tired at the end of the day. Peppermint oil can be the best and quick option for quicker action.

  • How to wake up early in the morning without feeling tired?

  • Eat Dinner Early Eating dinner early is good for your digestion which then means it鈥檚 good for your sleep. Since you鈥檒l digest your food earlier, your body can focus on getting the restful sleep it needs. A huge thing when you鈥檙e trying to wake up earlier without feeling tired.

  • How to not get tired when sitting in the Sun?

  • Sitting directly in the sun can make you tired, but being near sunlight can wake up your senses. Wake up your sense of smell by sniffing peppermint oil. You can carry a tiny bottle of it with you. Keep your eyes active by taking breaks to shift your gaze when they get tired from looking at the same thing.

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