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How to Plug a TireGather Tools and SuppliesRemove Tire. Begin by using your vehicle jack to lift your vehicle high enough to ensure you can remove the tire.Locate Leak. Sometimes you will be able to find your leak just by looking around your tire. …Remove Valve Stem Core. …Ream Hole. …Insert Patch. …Trim Plug. …Re-Install Tire. …

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  • How do you use a tire plug tool?

  • With the worm threaded onto the plugging tool, stick the end of the tool into the hole in your tire. Once it’s in just a little, apply pressure so that the tool and the plug sink into the hole. Push the plug in until only about a half-inch is sticking out.

  • How do you put a plug in a tire Reamer?

  • Insert the Plug Before you remove the reamer, make sure to have the plug pusher nearby. Then, remove the reamer and shove the plug pusher into the hole. Keep pushing until you have about inch of the plug remaining outside the tire. Once you have the plug in position, pull firmly on the plug pusher to remove it.

  • Can you put plugs in off-road tires?

  • We recommend getting a kit that is specific to off-road tires, as they will have a big T-handle reamer and insertion tool, plenty of plugs, and additional items like needle nose pliers and spare valve stems. Evaluate the Situation There are limits to how many plugs you can put in a tire and where.

  • How to plug a tire with a leak?

  • How to Plug a Tire 1 Find the Leak Sometimes, finding the leak in your tire is easy. Just look for a nail, screw, or other debris lodged in the tire. … 2 Prep Work Before removing the screw or nail in your tire, you should get your tire plug kit ready. … 3 Remove the Nail or Screw

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