how to put air in tires at gas station


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Hold the pump’s airchuck firmly on the wheel’s valve stem, and depress the lever, if applicable. Add aira little at a time and recheck the pressure with the tiregauge. Step 6 Depress the center prong inside of the valve stem to release any excess air, if necessary.

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  • Can I Fill my tires with air at a gas station?

  • Unless you have an air compressor at home, you鈥檒l have to drive to a gas station to fill your tires with air. Here鈥檚 how to put air in tires: First, take off all the valve stem caps on the tires that need air, and put them somewhere safe. (This saves you time, and also reduces the chance of losing them.)

  • How to put air in your car tires?

  • To do so, hold the pump鈥檚 air chuck on the wheel鈥檚 valve stem as well as depress the lever. Keep adding the air and rechecking the pressure through a tire gauge. Continue this until you add the desired air into it. If you do inflate the tires, replace the valve caps onto each tire鈥檚 valve stem. So, that鈥檚 what you have to do at a gas station.

  • When is the best time to put air in your tires?

  • The best time to put air in your vehicle tires is when they鈥檙e cold. You will get a more accurate pressure reading so you鈥檒l know exactly how much air to add. Most gas station air pumps have PSI (pressure per square inch) gauges that automatically register tire pressure.

  • Why is it important to keep the correct pressure in tires?

  • It is important to keep the correct pressure in your car’s tires for safety and to maximize tire wear and fuel mileage. A tire with low pressure is more susceptible to blowouts. Over- or under-inflation of a tire can lead to irregular wear patterns. Park your car near the gas station’s air pump.

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