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Tire cupping is defined as the wearing out of the tire patterns in an irregular manner. This usually happens due to the bouncing of the tires. This causes the tires to have uneven contact with the ground,wearing the rubber in some places and not the others.

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  • What causes cupping in front truck tires?

  • Cupping in front truck tires is caused by the poor quality of the tires, faulty suspension system, misalignment of wheels, caster, camber, and tire runout. Tire cupping is also called tire scalloping. It is an improper wear pattern which causes ups and down or uneven motion of wheels.

  • Can cupped tires be fixed?

  • While the vehicle issues resulting in tire cupping could be corrected, cupped tires cannot be fixed. Tires with cupping need to be replaced in order for the vehicle to correctly function. To diagnose and fix the issue is unfortunately not enough, as cupped tires will continue to create problems if they are not replaced.

  • How do you fix a cupping problem on a car?

  • By detecting and fixing the issue in time, you save your tires and suspension, improving comfort and safety. The best a driver can do to fix the issue is diagnose the tire-wheel assemblies and detect the cause of cupping. Drive your car to a repair shop where a technician will check your suspension, wheels, and tires.

  • Do cupped tires make noise when turning?

  • The noise generated by cupped tires will increase as you speed up. The wheel bearing noise will change along with the direction of the part. For example, if you hear the sound or changes in the sound when turning left, your driver鈥檚 side wheel bearing may need attention.

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