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What do the Tire Size Numbers mean? The numbers in the tire size refers to different parts of the tire. The first number (205) identifies the section width, or the cross section, in millimeters. Typically following the section width is the sidewall aspect ratio or profile (55).

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  • What do the numbers on a tire mean?

  • Tire design: the letter R indicates that this is a Radial tire, which is designed for strength and fuel efficiency. Tire diameter: this number, such as 17 or 19, refers to the inside diameter of the tire in inches and determines the size of wheel the tire has to be mounted on. Just after the tire size are some more numbers, commonly 100T.

  • How are tire size specifications determined?

  • Tire size specifications are outlined by the numbers and letters found on the sidewall of tires. It is important that we understand tire geometry and be informed of the parameters that govern their performance. Tire sizes are defined by specifications such as the type, width, aspect ratio,…

  • How do I Find my tire size in inches?

  • There are two ways that tire manufacturers display tire size, inches and metric. To find the tire size meaning in inches is very straight forward. Example A : 33X12.50R15. The first number is your overall diameter of the tire.

  • What are the different types of tire sizes?

  • Example of Tire Size Specifications. 1 Tire Type. Tire sizes will often start with letters. For example P, LT, T, and ST. 2 Tire Width. 3 Aspect Ratio. 4 Construction Types. 5 Wheel Diameter. More items

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