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Tongli Tyre Co., Ltd

Are roadone Cavalry M/T tires good?

Roadone Cavalry M/T Review Mud terrain tires are mainly made for light trucks. They are larger tires that offer good traction on various off-road terrain conditions. They do not offer a comfortable drive, but their intended purpose is to handle harsh and rugged terrains in a safe manner.

What are the dimensions of the roadone cavalry?

RoadOne Cavalry 37 pounds 32 x 32 x 11 inches No RL1196 265 Millimeters 70.0 E 17 Inches 121.0 Q 10 32nds Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

What makes the cavalry M/T so special?

The Cavalry M/T was designed with a directional tread block pattern that closely follows the terrain surface throughout the performance. The better traction and surface contact increase the steering responsiveness and accuracy to the driver’s instruction, making the vehicle easier to control on rugged terrain surfaces.

How much did it cost you to mount your tires?

Took them down to the local walmart and had them mounted and balanced. One tire did take a few ounces if weight however these are pretty solid tires. I needed 10 ply for towing. Total cost to mount was $90 out the door and this included lifetime balance and rotation. ROAD NOISE

Why do tires have tread patterns?

The tread pattern also helps improve the controllability. The tire’s road contact and solid shoulder tread blocks increase the number of biting edges gripping the road surface throughout the tire’s lifetime. These biting edges enable the tire to enhance the cornering and maneuvering capability and power, allowing the driver to confidently control the vehicle during its performance.

How does the Cavalry UHP work?

The Cavalry UHP features a variable pitch sequence on its tread area. This decreases the road noise levels heard while the tires are in motion. The variable pitch sequence of the computer-optimized tread design decreases the road and tread pattern noise generated during the drive. This is achieved as it creates a sound frequency that cancels out the soundwaves while the tires are in motion, preventing the road and tread pattern noise from reaching the vehicle’s cabin and dampening the passenger’s driving enjoyment. The result is a comfortable and quiet driving experience even during the model’s high speed performance.

Why is a longer tread life important?

A longer lasting tread life makes the tire more desirable on the tire market. It gives more value for the tire as it can be used for a longer period of time. Manufacturers strive to extend the tread life of their products with various manufacturing and design methods that provide a slower and even tread wear rate.

Why are performance tires so comfortable?

Even performance tires can offer comfortable drives thanks to new manufacturing technologies that decrease their road and tread pattern noise levels. Such tires combine ecstatic high speed performance with high driving comfort levels to ensure an enjoyable drive.

What is the purpose of a tread design?

The tread design optimizes the tire’s contact with the road surface. This constant road contact allows the tire to evenly distribute the driving pressure along the tread area. The flat footprint and the optimal surface contact ensures the equal balance of the forces of acceleration, cornering and braking along the tire’s surface, which actively prevents irregular wear formations along the tread area. This also eases the driving pressure off the tire, significantly decreasing the tread wear rate. The combination is a longer lasting tread life and usability.

Why is it important to have a good tread pattern?

The tread pattern also helps improve the controllability.

What is a Cavalry UHP?

The Cavalry UHP guarantees a secure all weather performance. It combines a symmetric tread pattern with an all season tire compound that increases the tire’s grip in dry, wet and winter weather conditions. The compound keeps the tire pliable in various temperatures and it helps avoid heat build-up along the tread area.

What is a Cavalry M/T?

The Cavalry M/T was designed with a directional tread block pattern that closely follows the terrain surface throughout the performance. The better traction and surface contact increase the steering responsiveness and accuracy to the driver’s instruction, making the vehicle easier to control on rugged terrain surfaces. The reinforced structure, on the other hand, improves the driving and load stability and secures the tire’s surface contact to enhance the structural strength. This combination boosts the driver’s control over the vehicle during its off-road terrain performance, guaranteeing a safer driving experience.

What is priority tire?

Priority Tire offers a wide range of mud terrain tires for sale. If you are looking for a new set of tires for your light or pickup truck, be sure to check out the Roadone Cavalry M/T model. This tire combines mud traction, durability and controllability into one to ensure a secure performance and high driving safety levels throughout its lifetime.

Why are off road tires safer?

Tires driven on such terrains must be able to handle the rugged nature of the terrain surface to promote a safer drive. Various manufacturing methods exist that ensure a safer drive.

How does tread design work?

The tread design’s special self-cleaning nature also boosts the stone retention prevention. The large tread elements, open shoulder pattern and the shoulder’s stone ejecting ribs work together to prevent stones from drilling into the tread area and damaging the casing during the tire’s off-road performance. This avoids the tire’s downtime and prevents stone retention from shortening the tire’s service life.

What is mud terrain?

Mud terrain tires are the beasts of off-road performance tires. They are capable of handling all soft, loose and uneven terrain with ease. However, they are not intended to be driven on the road. Their aggressive tread design ensures the tire’s secure performance capability and durability.

Does Roadone have a self cleaning tread pattern?

This Roadone model features a self-cleaning tread pattern. The large, staggered tread blocks, the tread’s directional pattern and the open shoulder design work together to keep a clean footprint. They eliminate mud and snow stuck between the tread elements during the drive. This prevents them from blocking the tire’s contact with the terrain surface and it does not dampen the tire’s traction. In this manner, the model guarantees a safe traction and driving experience on all off-road terrain surface conditions.

Do tires have to be good for mud?

All tires must have good controllability for them to ensure a secure performance. Mud terrain tires are no exception. As tires are the only link between the vehicle and the road or terrain surface, which must provide a precise steering responsiveness and a stable construction to perform at their best capability.

What is Tongli tire?

Tongli tire has 15 years of experience in joint venture with a world class brand tyre, and the production standard is based on world top level group, which reaches the joint venture level. Tongli applies the network control technology to guarantee the good quality and performance of the products and ensure the tires produced can meet DOT …

Where is Hixih Rubber located?

Hixih Rubber Industry Group, located in Yanzhou district, Jining city, Shandong Province, which is one of the most flourishing economic areas in China. Which founded in 1989, is an international, diversified and innovative enterprise group , occupying an area of 200 thousand square meters. The total number of employees is over 10,000 .

When was Roadone invented?

ROADONE registered in 2003 by Hixih group, and grandly launched once again after more than 10 years successful cooperation between Hixih group and world top level group. We can supply you international high end quality and suitable for all kinds of road conditions and meet different market demands.

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Product Description

The Roadone Cavalry M/T is designed to handle the harshest of terrains. The directional design with large tread blocks help self-clean and evacuate mud for better traction.

What’s in the box

Just got these bad boys put on. The price was what enticed me to buy them. They look mean as you can see. I just had them put on, but so far so good. I would have expected more noise out them, so being quiet is a nice surprise.

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