why am i so tired in the afternoon


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The most likely reason for having a mid morning energy crash and feeling tired in the afternoon is that yourblood sugar levels are out of balance.

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  • Why do I feel tired in the afternoon after eating?

  • Causes of Afternoon Fatigue. Women may suffer specifically from acute afternoon fatigue due to: Carb-heavy lunch. Simple carbohydrates found in pastas, white breads, white rice, etc. cause a rapid spike in blood sugar, which is subsequently followed by a dramatic drop. This low can leave you feeling tired and irritable.

  • Why do I feel tired after sitting still for hours?

  • Therefore, sitting still for too long can provoke not only afternoon fatigue, but drowsiness at any time of the day. Natural drop in body temperature. During the early afternoon, there is a normal drop in core body temperature, which releases the hormone melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for regulating sleep cycles.

  • Why am I So Sleepy in the afternoon?

  • Afternoon sleepiness is just a part of human nature. Our energy levels go up and down throughout the day in response to our circadian rhythms. One main energy dip is when the majority of us are sleeping鈥攂etween midnight and dawn. Of course, right?

  • What causes fatigue in the mid-afternoon?

  • However, the absolute levels and the control of secretory rhythms can be influenced by meal and sleep patterns. Sleep fragmentation, poor sleep hygiene, and sleep deprivation all contribute to the feeling of fatigue in the mid-afternoon when hormones are low.鈥?2. Depression

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