why am i so tired


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  • Why do I feel tired at night?

  • Eating a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet can result in both better sleep at night, as well as more energy throughout the day. Dehydration is another key reason for many people’s fatigue. Most people simply do not get enough water each day. This can lead to mild dehydration, which means cells won’t function as well as they should.

  • Why do you feel tired when you’re unwell?

  • The most common theory on why you feel tired when you’re unwell is that the body is forcing you to slow down. By slowing down and making you feel more tired, and so sleep more, the body has the chance to heal and fight off the infection.

  • Is your fatigue caused by stress?

  • But many times fatigue can be related to stress level accumulation and moods. There are a handful of culprits that are most commonly associated with excessive tiredness. Sleep deprivation is an obvious reason you may feel tired during your days. Sleep is imperative to maintaining optimal health.

  • Is it possible to stop feeling tired?

  • If you’re thinking about how to stop feeling tired, there are occasions where feeling tired may be a good thing. Often, it may not be behavioral fixes that can change the way we sleep. Sometimes it’s the fact that we’re feeling unwell, and our body is telling us to rest.

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