why do i feel so tired when i wake up


why do i feel so tired when i wake up插图

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sleep inertia

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  • Why am I waking up tired after enough hours of sleep?

  • If you still wake up tired after enough hours of sleep, you need to find the causes of this problem in order to treat it. One of the possible causes of waking up as if you have not slept is sleep apnoea.

  • Why do we wake up in the morning feeling more energetic?

  • When we sleep these chemicals are re-balanced so, in the morning, we wake up without any of the sleep inducing ones and, instead, are full of the neurotransmitters that make us feel energetic for the day ahead. People can fall asleep in all sorts of places and positions, but this won鈥檛 necessarily be providing them with effective rest.

  • Do alarms make you tired when you wake up?

  • But if you’re woken by an alarm, it could go off during a period of deeper sleep which might leave you feeling more groggy. For most people, feeling tired when you wake up is the result of sleep inertia, which is a natural feeling you experience as you transition between being asleep and awake.

  • How does it feel when you wake up in deep sleep?

  • When you wake up in deep sleep, you often feel more tired: It鈥檚 like when you wake up to catch that flight before dawn and you feel like you have no idea where you are.

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