why do i feel so tired


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  • What are the 10 medical reasons for feeling tired?

  • 10 medical reasons for feeling tired – Sleep and tiredness 1 What’s the difference between tiredness and fatigue? 2 Anaemia. 3 Sleep apnoea. 4 Underactive thyroid. 5 Coeliac disease. 6 Chronic fatigue syndrome. 7 Diabetes. 8 Glandular fever. 9 Depression. 10 Restless legs. More items…

  • Why does diabetes make you tired all the time?

  • Diabetes Doctors don’t know exactly why it makes people so tired. One likely reason is that your body uses lots of energy to deal with your frequent changes in blood sugar levels. What doctors do know is that fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes.

  • How can I stop feeling tired and Sleepy all the time?

  • How can I stop feeling tired and sleepy during the day? Start by talking to your doctor. A routine physical can identify many treatable causes of fatigue, such as iron or vitamin D deficiencies, thyroid disorders, and diabetes. A sleep study can rule out a sleep disorder.

  • What does it mean when you feel sleepy all the time?

  • Reasons for Feeling Sleepy All the Time. Excessive sleepiness may have significant impacts on health. It increases the risk of falling asleep while driving. Sleep deprivation has physical tolls, affecting chronic pain, hormones, and weight gain. Insomnia may contribute to anxiety and depression.

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