why do i get so tired after i eat


why do i get so tired after i eat插图

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In summary,feeling sleepy and tired after eating is a common condition,and it should be because it is your brain that convert your body鈥檚 energy to digest all of calories from food that you just ate.

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  • What does it mean when you feel tired after eating?

  • Extreme Tiredness After Eating. Overwhelming tiredness after eating can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Diabetes is a health condition that affects your body’s production of insulin, which is needed to control your blood sugar levels.

  • What causes sleepiness after eating?

  • 9 Causes for Sleepiness after Eating 1 Food. 2 Digestive System and Brain. 3 Skipping Meals. 4 Lack of Exercise. 5 Sleeping Habits. 6 … (more items)

  • Does food make you feel fatigued?

  • Feeling fatigued and sleepy after a meal is not an uncommon reaction. Many people even expect their bodies to, in a sense, shut down after eating. Food should not, however, make you feel fatigued. In fact, you should feel exactly the opposite, as eating the right foods gives you essential nutrition for energy.

  • Is it normal to feel tired after eating spicy food?

  • Tired after Eating is a Normal Condition. This is why you feel tired and drowsy after having a meal. You might also feel tired after eating spicy foods. Your body needs to spend huge amounts of energy to digest spicy food. Also, spicy food will metabolize a chemical called capsaicin, which will make you feel tired.

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