why does my body ache and i feel tired


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It is a group of conditions where the body has trouble converting the energy from food into a usable form of energy in the body. It can be either genetic and found in childhood or acquired and found later in life. Due to the lack of energy from food,mitochondrial diseasecan make you feel very tired, weak, and achy.

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  • Is it normal to feel tired and Achy all day?

  • Feeling tired and achy all day long can really put a damper on your quality of life. It can also make you worry about what might be going on with your health. Fatigue and even body aches may be a symptom that something is going wrong with your body.

  • What can cause fatigue and body aches?

  • Get Evaluated: There are many causes for fatigue and body aches. Get a good evaluation, it could be your thyroid, but your doctor will want to do additional tests to… Read More

  • What are the 10 medical reasons for feeling tired?

  • 10 medical reasons for feeling tired – Sleep and tiredness 1 What’s the difference between tiredness and fatigue? 2 Anaemia. 3 Sleep apnoea. 4 Underactive thyroid. 5 Coeliac disease. 6 Chronic fatigue syndrome. 7 Diabetes. 8 Glandular fever. 9 Depression. 10 Restless legs. More items…

  • What does it mean when your body aches all the time?

  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome If you feel tired and achy all the time and it has lasted more than six months, it could be chronic fatigue syndrome. This is diagnosed when no other medical cause can be found for your tiredness. It commonly comes on after heavy physical activity, and can also be brought on by emotional stress.

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