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Filling your tires with nitrogen can reduce wear and tearon the wheels and perhaps other components,as well. Air contains water vapor,while nitrogen does not,and that water vapor will increase the pressure in your tire as it heats up.

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  • What are the advantages of nitrogen filled tires?

  • In this scenario, nitrogen-filled tires are advantageous because nitrogen gas doesn鈥檛 support moisture or combustion. Compared with ambient air 鈥?which contains roughly 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, plus miscellaneous gases 鈥?pure nitrogen is an inert, non-flammable gas. Essentially, it鈥檚 dry air with the oxygen wholly removed.

  • Is nitrogen bad for your car tires?

  • Myth: The lack of oxygen and moisture in a tire filled with nitrogen reduces the potential for chemical deterioration of the tire liner, and limits the possibility of rust and corrosion on the wheel. Fact: Compressed air systems at most tire shops have moisture separators that limit the amount of water vapor in the compressed air supply.

  • Is nitrogen tire pressure the same as air?

  • Q: Is Nitrogen Tire Pressure The Same As Air? When pressurizing your tires with any gas, ensure they meet the manufacturer鈥檚 recommendation, usually on the door. Nitrogen pressure is the same as that of air. A thing to note is that the normal inflation air has 78% nitrogen.

  • Is nitrogen better for your car’s economy?

  • Many auto pundits suggest that nitrogen will offer a better economy. It is mainly because it seeps from the tires gradually and also contributes to overall tire health. A fully pressurized tire drives well with no hitches. Air-filled tires are prone to air seepage; thus, there is a loss of pressure.

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